Toronto Modern Calligraphy

Pinya Letters is a Toronto based modern calligraphy business that caters to weddings, live event calligraphy, as well as restaurants and chalkboard lettering.

Featured Service

Live Event Calligraphy

Live Event Calligraphy

Bring your events to a whole new level with live, on-site event calligraphy. Whether it be customizing retail purchases, hand lettering place cards or guest tags, or adding that special touch to event gifts and souvenirs, trust that Pinya Letters can live up to your brand's PR needs.

Other Services

Wedding Signage

Wedding Signage

I create welcome signs, calligraphy on cardbox, thank you signs, place cards and menu cards, social media signage, bridal hangers (and many more) - all customized to your event needs.

Calligraphy Classes

Calligraphy Classes

Pinya Letters host calligraphy workshops once a month, so if you’re looking into learning the art of hand lettering, subscribe at the home page to get the latest news! Aside from my monthly workshops, I also cater to private and event calligraphy sessions to bring life to your hobbies and events.

Chalkboard Calligraphy

Chalkboard Calligraphy

Aesthetics is a very important aspect of owning a brick and mortar business. I work with restaurants and stores to create customized calligraphy art on their chalkboards, menu boards, and glass windows to orchestrate a beautiful and inviting customer service environment.

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Fuck productivity. Allow yourself to grieve this huge change you're going through. Allow yourself to not do anything, to not feel the need to learn a new skill. Allow yourself to process these overwhelming emotions you're unfamiliar with.

Know that the anxiety you're feeling is valid, that it's okay to take it day by day, that it's okay to not have a plan. Allow yourself to feel. Allow yourself to rest. Allow yourself to survive. ✨
As many of you know, many public events and gatherings are cancelled within the next few weeks due to COVID-19. As workshop facilitators and creatives, we take the safety of our clients and communities, especially those with compromised immune systems, very seriously.

We (@aggie_armstrong and I) have both decided to postpone our upcoming Watercolour and Calligraphy Workshop on April 4th, at @paperpluscloth. All registered in the workshop will be contacted re: upcoming updates and will be consulted re: rescheduling details. This decision was made to ensure that we are not putting anyone, especially vulnerable folks at risk.

Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to either one us at or at

Thank you so much for your understanding. Stay safe and take care of each other!
You are beautiful. You are glorious. You are unstoppable. You are brilliant. You are brave. You are resilient. You are so much stronger. You are powerful. You are respected. You are loved. You make your ancestors proud. You are enough. #iwd2020
Photo by @johnandsamanthabutler
I finally got to post these personalized bridal party hangers from last year's wedding season! ♥️
Now that I've decided to scale down for the months of January and February, I feel so much more energized and ready to take on this year's wedding season. What's different this year is I've intentionally said "no" to projects and not feel guilty about doing so. I recognized that taking the time to visualize, slow down, and set my aspirations is so much more important than "continuous hard work".
I also continue to reflect on the growth Pinya has achieved in the past few years - as without the privileges of growing, I probably would not be able to afford to slow down. Indeed, I can't wait to see where the rest of this year is headed! ✨
Hi! Hello! My name is Jovie and I'm the beautiful human behind Pinya Letters. Yes, I just called myself beautiful because we all should be giving ourselves love and compliments more often. 💛 It's #fridayintroductions over here so here are 3 things about me:

1. I've always believed in the power of community, in the beauty of convening people and creating safe spaces for relationships to nourish. This is why I absolutely enjoy hosting workshops and convening community members.

2. I'm pretty unapologetic about who I am and where I come from - despite the doubts and micro aggression I go through on a regular basis. (I'm a first generation immigrant from the Philippines). cc: @pinaycollection

3. Upon arriving in Canada 8 years ago, I became this extremely shy, introverted person. It took years of unpacking and unlearning experiences to regain the confidence I have now, but I'm grateful to where it led me.

So tell me, what significant experience/s have you had that shaped the way you live your life now?
Venue: @onekingwest 
Earrings: @cambio_co 
Pen: @paperpluscloth

Behind the Craft

Jovie Galit

Hi there! My name is Jovie and I’m a Filipina-Canadian calligrapher who started Pinya Letters 3 years ago. Since then I’ve done calligraphy for countless weddings, corporate and special events, and recently produced customized Filipino merchandise through my craft. When I’m not doing calligraphy, I work as a Settlement Worker supporting newcomer families towards settlement and belonging.

I see calligraphy as a tool that can wonderfully represent people’s stories and identity; so for me, the best part of being a calligrapher is having the ability to customize pieces that are reflective of that.

I appreciate you dropping by and checking us out! I look forward to working together and deliver beautiful projects guided by your wonderful stories.