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Pinya Letters is a Toronto based modern calligraphy business that caters to weddings, live event calligraphy, as well as restaurants and chalkboard lettering.

Featured Service

Live Event Calligraphy

Live Event Calligraphy

Bring your events to a whole new level with live, on-site event calligraphy. Whether it be customizing retail purchases, hand lettering place cards or guest tags, or adding that special touch to event gifts and souvenirs, trust that Pinya Letters can live up to your brand's PR needs.

Other Services

Wedding Signage

Wedding Signage

I create welcome signs, calligraphy on cardbox, thank you signs, place cards and menu cards, social media signage, bridal hangers (and many more) - all customized to your event needs.

Calligraphy Classes

Calligraphy Classes

Pinya Letters host calligraphy workshops once every 2 months, so if you’re looking into learning the art of hand lettering, subscribe at the home page to get the latest news! Aside from my monthly workshops, I also cater to private and event calligraphy sessions to bring life to your hobbies and events.

Chalkboard Calligraphy

Chalkboard Calligraphy

Aesthetics is a very important aspect of owning a brick and mortar business. I work with restaurants and stores to create customized calligraphy art on their chalkboards, menu boards, and glass windows to orchestrate a beautiful and inviting customer service environment.

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The last 3 months of 2019 have been stressful. Between the overwhelming support @pinaycollection has been receiving, the last few 2019 big projects of @pinyaletters and well - my full time job, I've felt really tired and restless for almost everyday of these months. So for 2020, my intentions include slowing down. This means that I will only be taking a few select clients for January to March. And I hope to be back in full swing by April, just in time for the wedding season.

Despite the stress, I am honestly very proud of everything Pinya Letters have achieved last year. Hosted 10 workshops, was featured in 4 publications, worked as an in-house Calligrapher for 2 venues, and catered to 68 weddings & events in total! I am extremely in awe and grateful, but also became more mindful of how I'd like this journey to move forward.

This year, I intend to create more without the pressure of creating for others. To create for myself and be more mindful of my processes and progress. To create so freely and more intently. Perhaps, film more of my calligraphy?

This year, I'd also like to use my pointed pen even more; to remind myself of how it all started and why I fell in love with the craft.

To my 2020 clients, I hope to deliver projects with beautiful intentions guided by your stories. I can't wait to share such experiences with you all. 💛 And to all of you reading this reflection, what are you hoping for this year?
Last month, Pinya Letters officially turned three! And yesterday, just in time for the new year, we published a blog about this journey!
"It’s a huge milestone, and one that came unexpectedly.It doesn’t feel that long ago that I first arrived to Canada from the Philippines with my mom. My identity shifted in a huge way.

Suddenly I was a Filipina immigrant thrown into a new world - new customs, new culture, new faces, and a new home that didn’t feel quite like home yet.

Then in December 2016, my identity shifted again. I decided to create Pinya Letters and embark on a new journey - one that would be lonely, difficult, but also joyful and meaningful in so many ways."

Check out the link in my bio to continue reading the full article! A huge shoutout to @gelainesantiago for helping us curate such beautiful writing!

P.s. Salamat in Tagalog means thank you. If you're seeing this post, I send my deepest gratitude to you - for seeing us, for being around, for your support. Salamat. 💛
In October, I had the privilege of hand lettering this powerful Land Acknowledgement for one of my fave publications, @livinghyphen!

Living Hyphen is an intimate magazine that explores the experiences of hyphenated Canadians. Through short stories, photography, poetry, and illustrations, LH uncovers what it means to live in between cultures as individuals who call Canada home but with roots elsewhere. Their stories are beautiful, heartbreaking, uplifting, contradictory, and constantly unfolding.

When @justineabigail first told me her idea of having a Land Acknowledgement signage on Living Hyphen's events, I was amazed of her intentionality and purpose of going beyond reading a script. It definitely inspired me to do so much better at the events and workshops I lead. It encouraged me to go deeper when acknowledging my relationship to this land as a settler - and how this transcends to the way I hold creative, safe spaces.

If you're a calligrapher, an artist, a facilitator - do you facilitate a Land Acknowledgement in your Workshops? If so, how do you ensure a meaningful experience for you and your participants?

If you are unsure why a Land Acknowledgement needs to exist in events, please please please don't hesitate to DM me and I'd be more than happy to explain its significance without judgement. 💛
@livinghyphen is calling for submissions for its Issue 2, with the theme Accross Generations!  If you would like your stories or your ancestor's stories to be shared in a larger platform, head on to their page or website ( for more details! ✨
PS: This piece turned out to be one of my favorite projects of the year! I mean look at those block letters 👌🏽
I wish I can already share that "last wedding of the year" post but Pinya is still booked for the month of December and our last wedding is not until the 31st (literally the last day of the year). It's the first year we took on a New Year's Eve wedding, y'all! ✨

For now, we'll keep sharing some of our fave projects over the summer/ fall. One of them is these place cards on handmade, recycled paper lettered with a fine tombow brush pen! ✍🏽
New on our blog is this gorgeous "live" styled shoot in collaboration with extremely talented vendors! This shoot was also featured at @hitchedweddingmag's September print issue! ✨

Seeing Pinya Letters’ calligraphy and the creations of my fellow wedding vendors in a physical magazine was powerful.

But more powerful than anything else was the opportunity to collaborate. I’m thankful that I was able to create beautiful experiences for our clients, and to do so with other wedding vendors committed to their craft.

Special thank you to @eristyledevents and @dollfacedrediemua for including me, and to all the vendors and guests who helped make the experience so special! ♥️ -

Thanks so much to @gelainesantiago
for helping us curate this blog! Check out the link in our bio to read the full article! 🙌🏽 -

Venue: @nationalclubtoronto 
Photography: @karimahgheddaiphotography 
Planning: @dollfacedrediemua @eristyledevents

See the complete list of vendors at
When I show folks my instagram feed, they often assume that I write mainly on mirrors, but in reality I work on as much chalkboards!

Here's one of my recent favorites from a gorgeous fall wedding at @jamfactoryto! ✨

Behind the Craft

Jovie Galit

Hi there! My name is Jovie and I’m a Filipina-Canadian calligrapher who started Pinya Letters 3 years ago. Since then I’ve done calligraphy for countless weddings, corporate and special events, and recently produced customized Filipino merchandise through my craft. When I’m not doing calligraphy, I work as a Settlement Worker supporting newcomer families towards settlement and belonging.

I see calligraphy as a tool that can wonderfully represent people’s stories and identity; so for me, the best part of being a calligrapher is having the ability to customize pieces that are reflective of that.

I appreciate you dropping by and checking us out! I look forward to working together and deliver beautiful projects guided by your wonderful stories.