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Pinya Letters is a Toronto based modern calligraphy business that caters to weddings, in-store art, events, and Tagalog merchandise.

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I wish I can already share that "last wedding of the year" post but Pinya is still booked for the month of December and our last wedding is not until the 31st (literally the last day of the year). It's the first year we took on a New Year's Eve wedding, y'all! ✨

For now, we'll keep sharing some of our fave projects over the summer/ fall. One of them is these place cards on handmade, recycled paper lettered with a fine tombow brush pen! ✍🏽
New on our blog is this gorgeous "live" styled shoot in collaboration with extremely talented vendors! This shoot was also featured at @hitchedweddingmag's September print issue! ✨

Seeing Pinya Letters’ calligraphy and the creations of my fellow wedding vendors in a physical magazine was powerful.

But more powerful than anything else was the opportunity to collaborate. I’m thankful that I was able to create beautiful experiences for our clients, and to do so with other wedding vendors committed to their craft.

Special thank you to @eristyledevents and @dollfacedrediemua for including me, and to all the vendors and guests who helped make the experience so special! ♥️ -

Thanks so much to @gelainesantiago
for helping us curate this blog! Check out the link in our bio to read the full article! 🙌🏽 -

Venue: @nationalclubtoronto 
Photography: @karimahgheddaiphotography 
Planning: @dollfacedrediemua @eristyledevents

See the complete list of vendors at
When I show folks my instagram feed, they often assume that I write mainly on mirrors, but in reality I work on as much chalkboards!

Here's one of my recent favorites from a gorgeous fall wedding at @jamfactoryto! ✨
Last week, I had the privilege of doing live calligraphy on these gorgeous journals from @indigo at the @momboss.brunch alongside the @thetotalmomshow booth!

Such a wonderful event to meet many wonderful and innovative women! ✨ Thanks so much to #mombossbrunch and #thetotalmomshow for this fun opportunity!
Holy mother forking shirt balls! We just survived an intense week of 2 events + 3 weddings...and it's November! 😮

With a few more weddings lined up until December, we will not be offering customized ornaments this year. But hey, Pinya Letters is turning 3 next month so that's exciting! 😉
In the past year, I've been asking myself - how do I go beyond my work as a calligrapher? How do I create social impact through my art? How do I become intentional about my business' role to my community.. to the clients I serve?

Answering these questions have been difficult, as being in the wedding Industry isn't really about social impact for the most part.

But then, I started becoming more mindful about Pinya Letters' decisions. I began purposefully collaborating and promoting POC (people of color) vendors and artists. I built a calligraphy workshop that centres identity and community healing. I eventually established @pinaycollection, a brand that celebrates and reclaims Filipina/x identity.

Pinya Letters is nowhere close to creating huge impact to our community, but we hope to continue  the small steps we've started and create bigger waves in the future. As an entrepreneur, how are you mindful of your business' social impact? Let's start a conversation below!
Creative Director, Event Design & Production: @eristyledevents
Co-creative Director, Production & Make-up Artist & Hair: @dollfacedrediemua
Floral Designer: @rorflowers
Modern Calligraphy: @pinyaletters
Backdrop, Props & Balloons:
Custom & Bespoke Menswear: @mykingandbay
Event Drapery: @eventrentalgroup
Venue: @nationalclubtoronto

Behind the Craft

Jovie Galit

Hi there! My name is Jovie and I’m a Filipina-Canadian calligrapher who started Pinya Letters 2 years ago. Since then I’ve done calligraphy for countless weddings, corporate and special events, and recently produced customized Filipino merchandise through my craft.

I see calligraphy as a tool that can wonderfully represent people’s stories and identity; so for me, the best part of being a calligrapher is having the ability to customize pieces that are reflective of that.

When I’m not doing calligraphy, I work as a Settlement Worker supporting newcomer families towards settlement and integration.